Plastic Surgery SEO + Digital Marketing

Client: Westlake Plastic Surgery

My web design and SEO team has been providing Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing services for Westlake Plastic Surgery for several years. We were brought on after a previous SEO firm had made mistakes trying to apply smoke-and-mirror tricks rather than properly managing the website and its online reputation. Plastic surgery SEO is highly competitive – they keywords are expensive and the competition is stiff. Over several years, we’ve returned the practice’s website growth and worked with the rest of the office’s marketing team to apply several truly industry leading digital services. Through all the number crunching, database analysis and code cleanup, Dr. Robert Caridi always makes it clear that the number one goal is “let’s make sure to have some fun.”

To that end, we’ve worked in conjunction with Dr. Caridi and his in-house video team to create and expand a YouTube channel with tens of millions of views and a cultish international following. He’s a pioneer in the somewhat curious trend of live video streaming surgeries on SnapChat, Periscope and Facebook Live.

Most recently, our teams have been working together on a new online consultation project that allows patients to consult with the doctor, get pricing and recommendations for procedures all via their phones or laptops. What’s cool about this is it’s a win / win for both sides. For the doctor and his staff, they spend less time qualifying patients and more time on procedures. For the patients, they don’t have to leave home, fight traffic or pay a consultation fee just to get a quote or to find out if a procedure is right for them. “Game changer!” says the doctor.

  • Manage web design, Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing for a large, high traffic WordPress website running on WP Engine
  • Developed and refine a pioneering online consultation process that allows new patients to get a consultation by uploading pictures from their phone, leaving more time for the surgeon to focus on procedures and allowing patients to speak with the doctor from the privacy of their home
  • YouTube marketing for a popular cosmetic surgery channel with over 20,000,000 views
  • Incorporated Campaign Tracking of all inbound links from YouTube videos (even in the YouTube App) to track in Google Analytics to analyze the highest performing videos and other key performance indicators
  • Track search keywords and backlinks to optimize search engine performance
  • Perform on-page SEO overhaul to restructure page titles, descriptions, header and body content
  • Manage regular content development on company website, social media channels and RealSelf
  • Integrate digital marketing strategy with social media and video production teams
  • Built and maintained SEO reputation to maintain first page results for 9 critical keywords
  • Increased Google Page Speed performance by 41%
  • Optimized YouTube channel with over 17 million video views and ten million minutes of watch time
  • Increased traffic from YouTube to company’s website by over 140%