Austin Tech Company Web Redesign

Client: Verb, Inc.

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Verb is an Austin-based technology company offering online employee development and mentorship services to large-scale businesses like Facebook, Chanel and Whole Foods. This forward-thinking company is growing fast and making waves, but their old website did not reflect their core values or the benefits they provide to their clients. In short, their website failed to tell their company’s story.

Verb contacted Alex Wright’s Austin web design agency and we worked with their team to clarify their brand message and transform their ideas into a website people will love.

Communicating the Difference

When a company like Verb offers innovative solutions, it’s still tempting to conform to the norm. Their competitors all have dry, traditional business-to-business websites. Everyone else is boring, and Verb is anything but boring. Verb needed a website that connected with people on an emotional level, that demonstrated how their service could change lives. We understand the difference between conventional, safe branding and great branding that tells a story and communicates the heart of the company.

The Website Design Process

We analyzed similar companies in their market and formed a plan to help Verb shine above their competitors. Our team worked with Verb’s VP of Sales and Marketing to clarify their brand’s story, and we collaborated with their Senior Graphic Designer in updating Verb’s visual branding assets while staying within their existing brand guidelines.

Our team of designers and developers went to work on the new website. We provided Verb with written copy reflecting their new strategy, and our designers created wireframes – a visual representation of the new site’s design and structure. With Verb’s valuable input throughout the design process, we merged the approved text with the wireframes and created design layouts for each page of the website. We then created a functional website to match the designs, tweaking the design and text throughout the process as requested by the Verb team.

Fulfilling the Promise

Alex Wright delivered a website as innovative as Verb’s services. The site utilizes a custom WordPress theme, designed from the ground up to meet Verb’s specifications. Our experienced designers came through, creating a user experience that matches Verb’s style and core values. When a visitor reaches Verb’s website, they see what makes Verb the best employee development solution for their company.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our team made sure that anyone who might be searching for an employee education service will find Verb. We used our experience with SEO to make sure that the Verb website climbed in the search ranking. With responsive image technology to automatically resize images and smart code systems like UnCSS and Critical CSS to reduce the volume of information transferred, we optimized the website’s loading time. Faster loading times have a dramatic effect on search rank and user retention. By hosting the site on our agency’s dedicated WordPress server, we increased loading times even further. Combined with our other SEO expertise, we helped Verb make the most of their improved online platform.