New Website + Video Editing

Client: Take The Limits Off

Mel Parker reached out to us for web design for the newest of his many inspiring careers. A former United States Army Ranger and West Point graduate, Mel had until recently been a top executive with numerous Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. He and his fantastic wife Dee were teaming up on a new career for Mel – keynote speaking, executive coaching, book writing and consulting.

Mel wanted a new website and we got along from the first phone call. I rallied my team and brought on a video editor to create a new website that captures Mel’s energetic and motivating personality. We built a responsive, mobile first website with a lot of supporting video to promote Mel’s new book, his keynote speaking themes and his executive coaching.

After hearing Mel’s stories both from him, his wife (those are the best) and his keynote performances, I find myself more challenged than ever to lead my great team to make better products for our clients. I love it when jobs go so well that more comes out of them than originally planned.

  • Designed and built a custom fast loading responsive mobile first WordPress website using Bootstrap 4 front end framework and Automattic’s _s WordPress framework. The combination of Underscores and Bootstrap – called UnderStrap – is lightweight, agile and fast
  • Website hosting using my team’s managed WordPress platform powered by WP Engine
  • Edited a 21 second lightweight autoplay video under 2.8MB in download size with a fallback image display for mobile phones
  • Edited six one minute keynote speaking theme introductory videos, a book trailer video and a 10 minute keynote sample video
  • Sass based stylesheet development and custom php template development using custom post types with an Advanced Custom Fields pagebuilder
  • Above-the-fold Critical CSS technology using Penthouse and Autoptimize for super fast page loading and top tier Google PageSpeed Scores
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for page titles, descriptions, headlines and body content
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console tracking
  • Open source fonts as well as Font Awesome 5 Pro all hosted locally for optimal performance and speed
  • Shout out to Brian Shaw with Nova Wolf Productions for the video collaboration