Austin Whiskey Distillery Website

Client: Still Austin

The Still Austin Website

Still Austin is the the first whiskey distillery in Austin since Prohibition. “A whiskey lover’s paradise” raves one recent magazine review, and for good reason. From the grains that go into their whiskeys to the botanicals for their gin to the art commissioned for their labels, Still Austin stays true to the Austin spirit in everything it does.

The Big Deadline

Still Austin Whiskey Co. needed a new website, and they needed it fast. Their old site had done its job, but it wasn’t up to the high standards people now expect from the hip Austin whiskey distillery. The team at Still Austin were preparing to launch a new product – their first aged whiskey – and the clock was ticking, fast. Still Austin needed a high quality, locally made website to match their high quality, locally made grain-to-glass liquors.

Fortunately, they contacted Alex Wright’s Austin web design agency. We immediately clicked. We cut right through the red tape and understood that they needed a plan of action, a quick execution, quality work and on-time delivery.

The Design Process

We worked with their copywriter, Jonathan Baker, to clarify Still Austin’s story. Together with their branding team and in-house marketing manager Sam Seiller, we established brand style guide for the new website. After several rounds of review and feedback, a final design was approved – handmade yet modern, classy with a bit of sass, old Austin and new Austin distilled into one.

Still Austin hired local Austin artists to design new bespoke labels for their in-house distilled gin and aged whiskey. We incorporated elements of those new labels throughout the website, creating a consistent brand. Our team created a custom WordPress theme based on the client’s specific needs, approved content, and custom designs created for this project.

The new website integrated with their existing tour management software to allow website visitors to see calendar events and sign up for distillery tours. The customized store locator function allowed whiskey enthusiasts to easily find locations to buy Still Austin products. As Still Austin continues to grow, the store locator functionality can scale upwards.

Making Change

Still Austin releases new products, events, tours, distillery news and more on a regular basis. They churn it out and don’t stop! To keep up with their fast pace, we built a website they can edit anytime on their own. We designed and built several key integrations for getting the word out about their updates, including:

  • A custom home page mini news feed
  • A blog for long-form announcements
  • A custom press mentions announcement feed that promotes their most recent publicity
  • Editable callouts throughout the website that can be configured to show YouTube videos or direct visitors to new tours, tastings, events or new products

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For SEO, we optimized the loading speed for the new website, particularly for viewers on mobile phones. We accomplished this by utilizing responsive image technology to automatically send high resolution images to large screens and optimized images to smaller screens and mobile phones for faster page loading. Using smart code loading systems like UnCSS and Critical CSS, we reduce the amount of website code loaded by the viewer for a streamlined experience.

The Successful Launch

We published the website in time for the release of Still Austin’s aged whiskey. We host the new website on our agency’s super-fast, dedicated WordPress server powered by WP Engine. Our team takes care of all the updates, backups and technical hosting needs so the client doesn’t have to worry about these details. They have whiskey to make – far more important!

We accomplished everything we promised for Still Austin Whiskey Co. The new site:

  • Represents their style, attitude, and values
  • Expresses their message in an effective way
  • Helps fans sign up for their newsletter
  • Loads quickly, improving search rank results
  • Keeps people informed of Still Austin news and events
  • Shares important content
  • Connects whiskey enthusiasts with locations that carry Still Austin whiskey