Law Firm Website Redesign

Client: Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C.


Established in 1926, Sneed, Vine & Perry, P.C. is one of Austin’s oldest and most trusted law firms. They have built a diverse team of well-respected attorneys with a wide collection of specialties, including business and corporate law, commercial real estate law, estate planning and probate law, construction law, residential real estate law, and tax law. These attorneys stay at the forefront of their field, but their legacy website was lagging behind.

Sneed, Vine & Perry contacted our web design and SEO agency for a law firm website refresh because they wanted a website that demonstrated their status as a contemporary of large firms from Dallas, New York, and California while maintaining the heritage and sophistication of Austin’s oldest law firm.

SEO — The Search Engine Challenge

Despite decades of satisfied clients, the firm’s existing website lacked quality content about their practice areas. This absence placed an unnecessary limitation on their ability to reach new clients. The firm needed to rank higher on search engines for a large group of keywords, so that more people could benefit from their services.

Our target keywords fell into two major groups. Our team prioritized the firm’s services and practice areas, which attracts new clients seeking expert representation and consultation. We also focused on the firm’s name and attorneys’ names, which helps existing clients and people attracted by positive word of mouth. A website that reached both of these groups would prove an essential asset.

A Combined Effort 

A law firm like Sneed, Vine & Perry represented a special challenge. With a wide range of practice areas and such a substantial team of attorneys, the website required a massive amount of specialized content. Alex Wright’s team worked with the firm’s lawyers and Cybele Diamandopoulos, a website producer and public relations manager. Together, we designed and produced a modern website design with content pinpointing keywords related to the firm’s practice areas.

Our team also worked with a photographer commissioned to shoot all new portraits of the firm’s attorneys. Through this partnership, we developed a cohesive visual style for the new photographs that would match the layout and style of the new website. We also sourced images to illustrate the firm’s practice areas, careful to select images that matched the visual theme. Through the combined efforts of Alex Wright Web Design and these other professionals, we created a stunning website that accomplished the firm’s goals.

Building a Lightning-Fast Website

Alex Wright’s team builds quality websites from the ground up. We designed a custom WordPress theme that successfully presents Sneed, Vine & Perry’s array of practice areas and formidable team of attorneys. Through our partnership with Cybele Diamandopoulos, we created specialized content that featured the firm’s strengths. This new content also accomplished our goal of improving search engine performance.

Because many people search for legal representation on their smartphones, our team made sure the site would look equally impressive on mobile devices. With our responsive image technology, the site automatically sends high resolution images to large screens and lower resolution optimized images to smaller screens for faster page loading. To speed things up further, we applied smart code loading systems, including UnCSS and Critical CSS. These powerful methods reduce the amount of website code loaded by the viewer while maintaining the stylish new appearance.

We optimized the loading speed for the website so that visitors, particularly those on their phones, would have a positive experience. This keeps users on the website longer and increases their potential to become new clients. Improved loading times have a demonstrative, positive effect on search engine ranking. 

To keep everything running fast and smooth, we host the new website on our agency’s dedicated top-of-the-line WordPress server powered by WP Engine. Our team takes care of all the updates, backups, and technical hosting needs, so that Sneed, Vine & Perry can focus on what’s most important — their clients.