Construction Company Web Design + Digital Marketing

Client: Rammed Earth Works

Company president David Easton contacted me to redesign the company’s branding and web presence. Rammed Earth Works has been in successful operation as an award winning sustainability pioneer in the built environment for three decades. The main goal of the redesign was not to increase business for Rammed Earth Works – which has plenty of client interest – but rather to drive attention towards its sister company Watershed Materials, which shares much of Rammed Earth Works’ DNA and presents a new application for the technology.

I redesigned a customized website using Squarepace, re-designed and modernized the company’s branding, established a social media presence and leveraged the company’s reputation with press outlets to drive attention to the newest application of David’s technology evolution.

  • Rammed Earth Works is the #3 referrer of web traffic to Watershed Materials
  • Newly established social media presence for the existing company revivied press attention, garnernering numerous new media placements
  • Rammed Earth Works is booked with pending client projects for 18 months
  • Built new website with Squarespace
  • Customized CSS
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for page titles, descriptions, header and body content
  • Connected with professional photographers to secure rights managed professional high resolution imagery
  • Leveraged existing and new press relationships to drive attention towards the most valuable appplication of the technology
  • Photoshop for image manipulation
  • InDesign and Illustrator for layout and presentations