Music + Fashion Photography

Client: Nike, Toyota, Black Book

When I lived in New York, I worked as a commercial and editorial photographer shooting music, fashion and culture. I had a lot of fun and am hugely proud of the work which crossed boundaries between digital and extreme analog, showcasing both the crisp and grit of that beautiful city.

I worked a lot with analog films including the amazing Polaroid 665, which I bought by the case from any corner store that stocked it as it was being phased out by the manufacturer. I had a drum scanner in my shotgun apartment and used a lot of now no longer available film cameras like the Contax T3. As digital turned to motion, I used Canon cameras tethered to skateboards and BMX bikes to experiment with the adaptations of the medium.

I no longer work as a photographer but have extended the visual exuberance to my current communications work, changing the medium but not the message.

Subjects include:

  • Cocorosie
  • Bloc Party
  • Animal Collective
  • Electrelane
  • Demetri Martin
  • Miho Hatori
  • Billy Nayer

Clients include:

  • Nike
  • Toyota
  • Black Book Magazine
  • Resonance Magazine
  • Powerhouse Books
  • Nylon Men’s Magazine
  • Resource Magazine
  • Jezebel / Gawker
  • Stick and Move / T3 Micro
  • CCI / Asian Avenue / Black Planet