Website Design

Client: NEOgás

I was approached by the US representatives for NEOgás to to showcase their operations in the United States. NEOgás is a Brazilian based company that provides pipeline-free transportation of natural gas to industrial companies that want to take advantage of the more sustainable fuel but lack pipeline connectivity. NEOgás operates in four countries and delivers 800 million cubic feet of natural gas every month.

We focused on creating a simple, clean, professional and lightweight website to visually describe the technical process of natural gas delivery and do drive lead forms replies from potential customers. We created an elegant home page auto-play video background to visually promote the essence of natural gas delivery. We also worked to translate visual assets created for a South American audience to translate to clients in the United States.

The project was turned in on time and on budget. Great fun working with the local representatives – quick turnaround and no fuss.

  • Built new website using WordPress with the primary focus of driving lead forms from potential customers
  • Customized CSS
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for titles, descriptions, header and body content to optimize for long tail keyword search in the industry niche
  • Licensed stock video and image assets
  • Edited and produced a lightweight home page autoplay video under 1.5MB in download size with a fallback image for mobile display