Website for Austin Startup Law Firm

Client: Layfield Law

Project Website

Launching a new law firm is a monumental task. Monica Layfield knew what she wanted, but she needed a web design and branding agency that understood her vision. Her new firm needed strong branding and a professional website that matched her high level of experience. Layfield worried she wouldn’t find an agency with the emotional intelligence to understand what her law firm required.

Fortunately, she contacted Alex Wright’s Austin Web Design and SEO agency.

After her initial outreach, we quickly replied with examples of similar sites and pricing options. Layfield appreciated that we were honest, straightforward, and professional. After a no-nonsense phone call, our agency delivered a proposal outlining everything she needed from us to successfully launch Layfield Law Practice. She liked what she saw, and we got right to work.

Startup Branding

Layfield specializes in startups, so she knows the importance of good branding. Even if you do everything else perfectly, bad branding can hurt a business. And with a brand new law firm, the canvas was blank.

Our team at Alex Wright features branding specialists and experienced graphic designers. We researched competitors in the field of business law to see what works. Our artists created branding concepts for Layfield to choose from. Based on her feedback, we further refined her top choice.

At Alex Wright, we believe in providing our clients with the assets they need to succeed. Layfield received the logo she wanted in rectangle and square formats, along with typography and color guidelines. With these essential ingredients, Layfield Law Practice can utilize this branding in every way they require, both now and in the future.

The Beauty of Collaboration

When Layfield started her search for a web design agency, she worried that she’d only find agencies that wouldn’t listen or “get” what she wanted. These uncertainties were understandable; there are many agencies out there who railroad their clients.

Layfield found something different with Alex Wright Web Design and SEO. We made sure the website reflected her vision and voice for Layfield Law Practice. The site went through several rounds of revisions because our team understands that our clients are experts in their field. We kept Layfield informed every step of the way, getting her approval with each critical step. With Alex Wright, there are no surprises — only results.

Sticking to the Timeline

When you’re launching a new venture, timing is everything. You don’t have time to waste on a web design agency that drags its feet. That’s why our original proposal included a tight but realistic timeline. We wanted Layfield to know what she should expect and when she would receive it, so she could focus on the many responsibilities of opening a new law firm.

Our proposal included a detailed description of what we would deliver, and our timeline specified how long everything would take. Layfield set us to work immediately, and we stuck to the timeline. We produced the branding and website she wanted, and everything went live in time for the launch of Layfield Law Practice.

Optimized Website

The final website, customized with feedback from Layfield, accomplishes everything she wanted. The modern, professional presentation confirms her strong reputation with current and future clients. When someone lands on the Layfield Law Practice website, they will discover everything they need to become a new client. And we designed the site to look fantastic on desktop computers, tablets, and even mobile phones.

There’s more to a successful website than what you can see. Behind the scenes, our experts in SEO (search engine optimization) have made the site easier to find, resulting in more traffic and business. We optimized the site to load lightning fast, because that increases search engine rankings and keeps potential clients from clicking away. By hosting the site on our own super-fast dedicated servers, we make sure that the site stays up and continues to load instantly. We ensure Layfield Law Practice continues to make a powerful first impression.