Web Design and SEO for Local Business

Client: Hometown Recycling

Hometown Recycling Website

Hometown Recycling provides commercial recycling services for businesses in the Austin area. The team at Hometown Recycling were already experts in their field. But after a name change and rebranding, their online presence was starting from square one. They needed an effective website to generate leads and continue building their reputation. They needed great SEO to get a brand new website recognized. But they didn’t know where to start.

Our Austin web design and SEO agency knew what to do. The owner of Hometown Recycling called and told us her vision for her website and what it needed to accomplish. We created a timeline with measurable goals, including a one-year plan to increase search engine optimization (SEO) and build awareness in the Austin community. This is the story of how we reached those goals together.

Website Design for Rebranding

Hometown needed a website that appealed to everyone, not just those who already saw the value in recycling services. With an understanding of what our client wanted for their website, we researched their competitors and similar businesses to see what worked ⁠— and what didn’t. With our client’s input, we created text and graphics for the website that would appeal to all their potential customers and succeed in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

We went through several rounds of client approval to craft a website with the right tone and design for her business. Our team created a custom WordPress theme that perfectly suited Hometown’s needs and could be easily updated. We optimized the site to look fantastic and load quickly on every platform, from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Our internal numbers show that fast websites translate to increased engagement and higher search engine ranks. That’s why we host Hometown’s site on our super-fast dedicated WordPress server powered by WP Engine. This keeps the site working smoothly and quickly, and it makes it simple for our team to keep the site updated, safe, and secure. We’re proud that our clients don’t have to worry about any of these details. We’re also proud of the success we had in promoting Hometown Recycling for the long-term.

Reputation Building and Backlinks

In the year following the launch of the rebranded Hometown website, our team continued to work behind the scenes, building on Hometown’s accomplishments. This involved getting Hometown properly set up on Google My Business, Google Maps, and other essential platforms. But our job didn’t end there. We continued to bolster Hometown’s reputation through strategic backlink building.

Backlink building is the art of generating links to your business site on other websites. This might sound simple, but it must be done strategically. Good backlinks help you rank higher on Google and other search engines, but they will penalize you for low-quality backlinks. The job of creating quality backlinks involves expertise, communication, and tenacity. Our process eventually built a network of backlinks for Hometown that outweighs any of their local competitors.

As a natural result of the backlink building process, we helped Hometown develop beneficial relationships with local organizations, influencers, and the City of Austin. The owner and her business earned good press, interview opportunities, and special recognitions. The optimized website we built for them continues to rise in search rank.