Nonprofit Website Design

Client: Congress For The New Urbanism Central Texas

I was contacted by Executive Director, Mateo Barnstone, to redesign the nonprofit’s website. The Congress For The New Urbanism Central Texas is the local chapter of The Congress For The New Urbanism, a national organization that targets key issues like health, equity, and transportation in urban and suburban areas. Mateo wanted to create a new, modern website that engaged with the Austin and San Antonio community and served as an outpost of information about urbanism in Central Texas.

We worked together to curate rights approved Creative Commons images and to reformat years of content from the organization’s previous website. I built a website using the Squarespace platform to allow Mateo and his team the ability to easily update content on their own. I built an events management and display system that updates the above-the-fold display on the home page with key upcoming events. I built a form to make sure visitors could easily sign up to receive the nonprofit’s active email newsletter campaign managed by Campaign Monitor. Lastly, I made sure sponsors could easily pay via credit card right on the website to support the organization.

  • Redesigned website built with Squarespace designed to allow the client to easily update the website on their own
  • Custom CSS
  • Designed custom email signup that pushes new subscriptions to Campaign Monitor while maintaining the look and feel of Squarespace forms
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for page titles, descriptions, header and body content
  • Researched and edited Creative Commons rights approved images
  • Adobe Photoshop for image manipulation
  • Developed credit card donation system for partner companies to pay for sponsorship opportunities directly on the website