We’re proud to announce that Alex Wright Web Design and SEO has won the UpCity Excellence Award and the Top 20 Agencies in Austin Award. These awards place our agency in the top 1% of marketing agencies in the nation and at the top of the list in Austin. We thank all our clients who submitted great feedback to UpCity. Being recognized for such big awards is validation to our focus on great customer service, modern design and leading search engine optimization.

web design agency award trophy for top agencies nationwide granted to alex wright web design and seo

What does this mean for you?

We know you’re not reading this just to feel the glow of these awards — you’re wondering what this means for you. How can we help you with a great website redesign? How can we help clarify your brand’s message? How can we help you rank well on search engines and increase your business? We can help you by applying the same strategies we used to get our agency to the top of these awards lists:

  • Fantastic customer service — we offer a level of integrity, close communication and dedication to your project that you won’t find with larger, more traditional agencies. Call us anytime.
  • Great modern design — we don’t use cookie cutter approaches. Every website we build is designed from scratch to meet the specific needs of each project.
  • Brand clarity — all great marketing is built on the foundation of a clarified brand message. We won’t sit back and let a cluttered message get delivered to your customers.
  • Reliable budgets — all of our projects are built with a guaranteed “not to exceed” maximum budget, and you won’t ever be billed a penny more unless additional work is approved by you.
  • Dedicated SEO — we go the extra mile (and then some) to build websites that perform well on search engines.

The UpCity Excellence Awards are presented annually to the top 1% of agencies on the Top Local Agency Marketplace. The Awards celebrate the agencies with the highest brand integrity and client satisfaction based on their UpCity Rating.

UpCity excellence award

By receiving the UpCity Excellence Award, Alex Wright Web Design and SEO has succeeded in reaching the top 1% of the nation’s marketing professionals. We’ve earned this distinction by delivering on our promises to clients, creating websites that capture their message and engage with customers. This high level of quality leads to satisfied clients and increased search engine traffic. This award demonstrates the high visibility and domain authority of the websites we create.

For their UpCity Excellence Research Study, UpCity examined over 33,000 agencies to find the very best. They took many elements into account, including client reviews, online reputation, web authority, user experience, and engagement rate. These diverse data points apply real numbers to an agency’s ability to create effective online content.

announcing the 2019 austin city excellence awards

Top Twenty Agencies in Austin

UpCity has released their list of the Top Twenty Agencies in Austin. This exclusive list contains some of the most important online marketers in the country, and Alex Wright has more positive reviews than all of them. We have worked with many of the major industries in Texas, with clients from the medical, legal, and energy fields. Our clients serve a variety of customers in different ways, and with the help of Alex Wright Web Design and SEO, these companies are reaching more people than ever before. We’re proud that our efforts have led to our agency being listed as one of the best web designers in Austin.

The UpCity City Excellence Awards highlight the best agencies in Austin. The awards celebrate the top 20 marketing service providers that have the highest customer satisfaction and brand integrity based on their UpCity Rating, a proprietary scoring system that helps determine the “recommendability” of agencies to businesses looking for marketing service providers.

As one of the largest cities in Texas — and in the country — Austin represents a thriving community of discerning customers, online marketers, and growing businesses. In order to build a reputation in such a crowded marketplace, a company has to produce consistently exceptional results. Alex Wright’s team of creative and technical professionals are known for crafting websites that please both business owners and their customers. Using the latest techniques in SEO (search engine optimization), we make it easier for search engines and users to find your website.

What is UpCity?

Founded in 2009, UpCity is the country’s premier online marketplace of creative agencies. This massive database allows hundreds of thousands of businesses to connect with digital marketers every month. As a result, UpCity has access to massive amounts of data concerning the dynamic world of online marketing. When hiring marketing professionals, many businesses consider UpCity a trusted source for reviews and recommendations. UpCity represents a leading authority concerning agencies like Alex Wright Web Design and SEO.

What’s Next?

It’s a great feeling to be part of an organization recognized for their hard work in such a meaningful way. Alex and the rest of our team have put in the time and hard work to create something special. While many people are capable of making a basic website with a basic marketing message, it takes a group of dedicated people to create a new online platform for a business. We couldn’t be more grateful to our clients, who understand the value of investing in their businesses.

As we look to the future, we’re excited for the many opportunities to help business owners establish their online brand. We will continue to lead the pack in superior service and excellent results. Hopefully, you will join us on the journey.

If you want to invest in your business with an effective new website, we would love to speak with you. You can call Alex at (512) 387-2394 or email him at this address. The sooner we get started, the sooner you will have a website you and your customers will love.

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